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Hi, my name is James Albis, I am the Founder & CEO of Redleaf Technology Inc. When I set out on this journey together with my team, our intention was to build a mobile product that “listened to the needs, wants and concerns of the broad service industry”.

The inspiration came long before we started development, it started five years ago, by building technology, learning what worked and did not work.  In my travels of meeting and speaking with thousands of people that spanned a wide variety of services, I discovered new perspectives and insight was has become the cornerstone of part our product features. From the service side of the business, I have cut grass, weeded, mulched, cut tree’s, plowed snow, cleaned homes, cleaned pools, power washed, cleaned windows, so I understand all too well the challenges it takes running a service business. On the other side of the coin, I have also owned and rented homes, so I can understand many of the challenges that go that go along with “managing a home”. The Redleaf Mobile application was built to “Thread The Needle” between both sides using simply technology.  Our commitment is to be fair, honest, transparent and evolutionary in our product development road map learning from what works and does not.

Homeowners face a myriad of challenges when managing their home. There are over 90 million homeowners who rely on outside service companies to get countless jobs and tasks done. Homeowners today need to ensure their homes look and run efficiently. Everything from plowing snow, cutting grass, cutting tree’s, cleaning pools, cleaning chimney’s, fixing stuff, the list goes on and on. The challenge for homeowners is that simply technology has not caught up to the highly mobile work force, creating gaps in communication, scheduling, payment, management, and transparency. The end result is a breakdown between the homeowner and service provider experience. 

Service Providers, face a myriad of challenges to build, manage, and grow their business. Service providers focus on four key things: Time, Money, Simplicity and Mobility. Service providers need to maximize their time so they can make money. They do not have the time or interest to purchase “desk top software” sit in an office, they are on the go, working jobs, trying to collect money, dealing with customers, and at the same time grow their business. They need more than just “field management software” or placing yard signs and flyers. Service providers do not want to be told where to go, what to do or what prices to accept from a third-party app’s. Service providers also face technology challenges building and maintaining a website, capturing opportunities in real time, providing their customers with timely information. The Gaps are an over-reliance on “lead generation and market play apps” have left the industry unsatisfied, underserved, and overpromised.

Redleaf allows users to connect with their favorite service provider to manage existing tasks and get jobs done. Key features of the app include are: connecting, scheduling, payment, messaging, completed job photo’s, task reminders, and JobSnaps- a feature that allows users to post new Job tasks in real time, simply snap a photo, provide an estimated budget, brief description, and post. JobSnaps will go out to local service providers who will tap on JobSnaps and connect with home owners.

Redleaf is the most cost-effective mobile management and marketing solution in the market place today. Connect with customers, keep track of current tasks, manage teams, message customers, build a mobile brand, and receive unlimited JobSnaps. Download the app in the iTunes or Google Play store for $49.99- monthly subscription is $29.99 ($1 a Day) normally $59.99 a 50% savings- Everything you need to build, manage and grow your service business.  The Redleaf Pro App does the heavy lifting helping service providers manage their business from on the go, anytime, anyplace with cool features saving service providers time and money, allowing them to grow their business, so they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work!  placing their brand first… empowering them with a flexible mobile application to shine everyday!

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